Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Seven Legends of Bloodscar

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When the black tower rose out of the Moldar Plains at the behest of the powerful deathless mage known as the Watcher, most Agonians shuddered with fear at the possibility of a dark invasion. It is written in the heritage and histories of those alive, though, that not every soul runs from dark horizons. I introduce here the seven legends of the heroes of Bloodscar, whose stories will be told in the coming scriptures.

There exists to this day a wide expanse of scorched earth and ruined beauty across the Moldar Plains that stands as a testament to the ferocity of the black knights led by Imperator Jabaoth. It is upon these plains that countless heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of something bigger than themselves, watering the land with their blood that a new era of light might grow from it. It is upon these plains that seven heroes from Bloodscar showed all of humankind that the darkness could be defeated.

Jericho Malloy was a baker's son who moved his hands from bread to battle to defend his people. Tiberius Arthur was the son of a knight, and followed the ancestral footsteps of his line. James Ulrickson turned his sickle from the crops of his farms to the hearts of his enemies. David Jethro, an apprentice blacksmith, crafted his own weapons and armor to join the fight. Sarah Tesalia was an herb gatherer and alchemist who believed that all should defend. Michael Tesalia was a hunter whose arrows could not justly be pointed at any other threat but the darkness. Orius Grailice practiced the magical arts of the elements, and felt ready to turn these magics against the forces of Jabaoth.

It is from the individual exploits of these seven legends that the confidence of all humankind grew to stand against the growing threat of the demons of the Pall.

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