Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Ghost of Savaril

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The abandoned villa of Savaril was not always so empty.

Not long ago, a Mahirim named Falnryn Ulyn-dan lived there. Falnryn was a Mahirim of the sea but in no way a pirate. A fisherman by trade, he would sit on the dock and cast his line or venture out into the western Eurybian ocean for a certain intrinsic peace he only gained from the waves. On days his heart yearned for the western waters, which was most days, he would set out just as the sun rose over the eastern hills and return as it sunk in the horizon waters to the west.

His wife, Mirra Ulyn-dan lived with him as well. When Falnryn would leave for the western ocean, Mirra would patiently await his return by the dock. The dawn-to-dusk pattern was as certain to Mirra as the three moons of Agon. Falnryn always wanted Mirra to join him on his adventure but Mirra was deathly afraid of the water. She could not swim, and the sway of a boat on water never did well by her stomach.

He always returned with fish to cook, mostly cod and bass, though they often were in need of spices for their meals. Trade ships from Ul'Sulak that serviced the western cities would often dock at Savaril to rest their crew, and Mirra would trade homespun clothes and robes for a few spices when it came. Falnryn would swap stories of the water with captains of the trade vessels, he of leisurely delight and the captains of battle and commerce.

A strange thing happened one evening as Mirra waited at the dock; Falnryn did not return. The moons passed in their normal phase, the sun sank in its normal place, but the fishing vessel of Falnryn was nowhere to be seen. Concerned by this asynchronous event, Mirra moved to the eastern shore of Savaril and looked out upon the water. Nothing.

For several hours, Mirra paced the eastern shoreline, eyes always to the open ocean. Only the worst thoughts came to her; pirates or monsters. In her hysteria, Mirra walked into the ocean determined to find Falnryn and bring him home.

But Mirra could not swim, and Falnryn never returned.

On nights when the moon of Neith hangs low in the sky and the wind blows cold over the village, a ghost can be seen pacing the eastern shore of Savaril.

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