Friday, May 23, 2014

Song of Wanderlust

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If e'er the lust for wandering does settle in your bones
For sights of nature's beauty or for long forgotten thrones
To walk the fields of battle where the past has settled stones
Or light the torch of undiscovered paths in the unknown

Recall the tale of Wanderlust, whose captain had no name
That sailed the ocean far and wide for fortune and for fame
Recall the tale of Wanderlust, whose mighty sails were tamed
That sailed the ocean side to side but fortune never came

She sailed through storms of snow and hail and never lost her course
She ne'er did founder, list, nor heel beneath a wind or force
True beneath the moon of Neith, she sailed and sailed some more
Until the day she finally found the barren Nerzok shore

Her captain left his Wanderlust to build upon the land
The treasure he was seeking all along with his own hands
And from this dream he dreamed for many years beyond the sand
He finally knew the finish for the road his whole life spanned

And so it goes we treasure now the wonder he began
And Wanderlust is naught but bones that ne'er did sail again

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